Making IT Fun!

IT-Olympics—and the IT-Adventures program—aims to be as low cost as possible. IT-Adventures is free to operate at a school or organization; however, each club that hosts Robotics and/or Smart-IT needs materials for those venues. The costs associated with the venues are the only costs to run IT-Adventures, and materials may be re-used year after year. To keep costs to a minimum, we rely on our supporters to keep IT-Adventures available to our students and educators.

Interested in supporting IT-Adventures? Here’s how:

Become a Sponsor

We welcome our community members, businesses and organizations to become a sponsor, which would financially support the schools and groups purchase materials for the program. Sponsors will have more opportunities such as mentoring students. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities here.

Become an Educational Partner

We welcome community colleges in the state of Iowa to become an educational partner. By partnering with our community colleges in the state, we increase the number of prospective students interested in IT—some who may attend your college. Learn more about our educational partnership opportunities here.