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Register your club to participate in IT-Adventures! Clubs can be formed as part of a school or a group like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H, home school group, etc.

Participants in IT-Adventures have access to the resources developed by Iowa State, including the introduction to computing curriculum and the introduction to cyber security curriculum. Clubs also have access to the newly developed playground environment, called ISERink, which allows clubs to explore many aspects of information technology like setting up computer systems, exploring networking concepts, and installing and using various cyber security tools.

IT-Adventures participants also are invited to participate in the one-day capstone event, called the IT-Olympics, on the ISU campus. It features high school students showcasing the technology knowledge they have gained during the year in competitions and presentations. IT-Olympics is also a celebration of technology, and is open to the public. Family members, high school counselors, teachers, and the general public can watch the students in their quest to be the best, or can explore technology careers and opportunities on their own.

To participate in IT-Adventures and IT-Olympics, register your club. IT-Adventures and IT-Olympics is open to high school-age clubs (9th grade through 12th grade).

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