Spring Lesson Plans

Making IT Fun!


Practice Challenge #1Great Author
Practice Challenge #2Ambulance
Practice Challenge #3Pong


Mission 6WASD Driving
Mission 7Speed and Rotation Control
Mission 8Color Sensor on Demand
CheckpointWASD Driving and Color Sensor on Demand
Catch Up Week
CheckpointAutonomous Driving
Catch Up Week
CheckpointLED Output
Catch up Week
Competition Week

Cyber Defense

Prior to mid-MarchModule 15Venue Recap
1. Outline
2. Cyber Defense Recap
3. Cyber Defense Venue Jeopardy!
Prior to mid-MarchModule 16CDC Details
1. Outline
2. CDC Overview
3. CDC Details Slides
Prior to mid-MarchModule 17Practice CDC
1. Phase 1
2. Phase 2
March 23rd, 2022IT-Olympics Scenario Release
*Look out for an email from Ally Frickel or IT-Adventures Support Staff
March 24th-April 22nd, 2022CDC Set Up
*This is done at your club location, prior to the competition
April 23rd, 2022IT-Olympics, including the CDC