Raspberry Pi – FAQs

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1) Cannot connect to wifi:
The Raspberry Pi has a wifi chip + antenna built into it, and it should be active on first startup. The Raspberry Pi 3 b+ and newer models are able to run both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks (where 5GHz is typically preferred). When an issue comes up where it cannot connect to wifi, make sure to double check that you’re connecting to the right wifi network, and that your password is correct. If the problem persists it is typically a network issue where we recommend contacting your schools IT support team, or contacting your local ISP for assistance.

2) SSH/VPN not connecting:
SSH and VPN issues typically get linked back to networking problems within the home or school. There are a couple of situations that can be the cause of this error:
Situation 1 – First time ever connecting to SSH or VPN.

Situation 2 – Have connected to SSH or VPN previous, no longer working.

3) aiohttp error:
aiohttp errors occurs for one of two reasons:
Reason 1pipenv shell was not activated in the ~/sphero folder. Make sure you are in the first sphero folder and run pipenv shell

Reason 2 – there is a dependency issue within pipenv, in order to correct this we need to remove it and rebuild it.
Close current terminal, open a new one and type the following in the terminal:
cd sphero
pipenv --rm
pipenv --python /usr/bin/python3.7
pipenv install --skip-lock
pipenv shell