Making IT Fun!


This new venue will feature smart device programming (Raspberry Pi) with sensors to solve a problem. Students build a smart device, which is judged at IT-Olympics. During IT-Olympics, students will work on a real-time challenge. All schools will be given a parts list in the fall and will be asked to purchase at least 2 sets of parts. Costs associated with this venue will be the responsibility of the schools.


We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Sphero. Starting in Fall 2021, we will be using Sphero RVR kits. We have created an innovative, fun and sustainable platform for the Robotics and Smart-IT venues. Sphero products have many more options for students, educators and IT-Adventures Support Staff. Sphero products will also be used in both the Robotics and Smart-IT venues, which will reduce costs for your club if hosting both venues.

Smart-IT Lesson Plans

Here is the schedule for the Robotics, Smart-IT and Cyber Defense venues.


For builders and programmers

Smart-IT is a great stepping stone for students who want to learn some programming but may not have any experience doing so. This venue is a great way for students to see their programming come to fruition, by programming a robot to perform specific tasks.