This new venue will feature smart device programming (Raspberry Pi) with sensors to solve a problem. Students build a smart device, which is judged at IT-Olympics. While the device is being judged, students will work on a real-time challenge. All schools will be given a parts list in the fall and will be asked to purchase at least 2 sets of parts. We expect the total cost of the parts to be under $100 per kit, which will be the responsibility of the schools.

Note: We would recommend using the Raspberry Pi over Arduino. If this is a problem, contact us with the specifications of the Arduino you are using.

Materials Needed:

During the year:

  • CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit – 32 GB Edition (link to the kit)
  • Computer(s)

At IT-Olympics (per team):

  • 2 Raspberry Pi kits- one with your primary challenge and one for the real time challenge. The real-time challenge will be completed using one kit.
  • Computer(s):