The robotics venue is a great gateway into the program. Students will come to IT-Olympics with a primary challenge built. They will compete in the primary challenge in the morning and compete in a single real-time challenge in the afternoon.

Materials Needed:

  • Robotics kit(s)- The following 2 LEGO sets are recommended to make up a kit.
    • Lego Mindstorm Ev3 Core Set 45544
    • Lego Ev3 Expansion Set 45560
  • Computer(s) to run the Lego software or other programming software for your robot
    • Alternate programming languages may be used to program your robot if you choose – more information can be found here

At IT-Olympics (per team):

  • Robotics kit(s)- You can bring two kits if you want. The real-time challenge will be completed using one kit.
  • Computer(s)- You will need at least one laptop with the programming software of your choice.

The above listed Lego sets are not the only available sets, and you may use other sets or older NXT sets if you have them. Robots created for both the primary and real time challenges will be limited to having up to three motors of any size and up to four total LEGO sensors from the following: Gyro, Ultrasonic, Color/Light, and touch sensors – which are the sensors and motors contained in core set 45544.

Primary Challenge: Sumo Wrestling

Back by popular demand!

Robotics SUMO Rules

Learning materials:

Robotics lesson plans (club access only)