Cyber Defense

During the week leading up to IT-Olympics, the IT-A support staff will be available to help troubleshoot any services and to make sure all teams are running before the event starts on the day of IT-Olympics. The attack phase will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., followed by a debrief.

Please consider starting a Cyber Security CTSO (Career & Technical Student Organization). Here are links to the startup guide and sample bylaws.

Materials Needed

During the year:

  • Access to the ISERink playground
    • Email to receive login information, if you do not have login information yet
    • Note: Login information to access the ISERick playground do not change year to year.
  • Computer(s)

At IT-Olympics (per team):

  • Computers: one laptop per team member

Primary Challenge: TBD

Last year’s scenario: ITO Rough Scenario

IT-Adventures support staff will hold a virtual help session before IT-Olympics (more information to come).

Learning Materials

ISERink: Physical access to hardware and operating systems for the students to practice cyber security is difficult for schools to obtain. To solve this problem, we have created a “playground” called ISERink that is available to the students enrolled in their IT-Adventures club in the fall of the year. This allows uniform access to equipment. Each IT-Adventures club has remote access to a network where they can experiment, build different operating systems and install different network services. High school students spend the year remotely working in their assigned network space.

Link to ISERink:

Link to Student ISERink:

To receive login information, email
For support questions, email

IP address ranges for the schools