When will school IT-Club registration begin?                               Registration of high school and their IT-Clubs will begin mid–to-late September.

For information or to register your school in the HyperStream/IT-Adventures program, contact:

Tamara Kenworthy, HyperStream Program Director

What’s the difference between an Adviser, Mentor and a Chaperone?
We use the word “Adviser” to mean the teacher who is the sponsor of the HyperStream Club. This person is our primary contact and is responsible for all student registrations, as well as team, mentor and chaperone sign ups. The Adviser is also the person who all the information about the HyperStream Club funnels through.

We use the word “Mentor” to mean an individual who gives IT guidance to the students. They are not the IT-Adviser (teacher) for the IT-Club. Usually, they are local company technology professionals, community college faculty or students, IT support staff at the high school or AEA IT support staff.

We use the word “Chaperone” to mean an individual who comes along to IT-Olympics to help provide adult supervision during the bus trip and overnight experience. They are not the Adviser (teacher) for the HyperStream Club. Usually, they are moms and dads or friends of the Adviser who provide additional sets of eyes and ears.

How many students are needed to form an HyperStream Club? A minimum of three.

How many students are needed to form an IT-Olympics team? A minimum of three and a maximum of ten.

How often do HyperStream Clubs meet? This is up to the adviser and the club. Some meet weekly, others meet every other week.

Is there a cost to participate? The only cost is travel to Ames and lodging during the IT-Olympics.

Do I have to be a certified teacher to be an adviser? No, you only need to be a person who is interested in helping students learn and have fun with IT.

How do I register a HyperStream Club?

For information or to register your school in the HyperStream/IT-Adventures program, contact:

Tamara Kenworthy, HyperStream Program Director

Schools may begin registering mid-to-late September. Once a school is registered, the adviser needs to register the students and the students will be asked to take an online questionnaire. In January, the adviser will create teams and assign students to the teams for IT-Olympics.

When will we be receiving educational materials? Educational materials will be available on the web site and other material will be shipped in late September or early October.

What kind of equipment will we need? This year the IT-Adventures program will not ship computers. All HyperStream lubs will need to acquire computers to be used for their practice labs. These computers DO NOT need to be new! Used computers from a local company will work. We have provided the base computer specifications needed to run the software we provide.

What software will we get? You will receive 1 Windows XP license and the installation CD to install on your used computers per venue, as well as several CD’s of open source software that can be installed on them. You must make the request for this software through HyperStream.

What equipment will we get? There will be some specialized equipment provided based upon the content areas the HyperStream Club chooses to study.

For new HyperStream Clubs interested in robotics a Lego Mindstorms NXT base education kit, the education resource kit and the Lego Mindstorms NXT software. The HyperStream Club will also receive one copy of the book “Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms NXT“, as well as each of the DVDs “Robotics Engineering Vol. 1” and “Robotics Engineering Vol. 2.”

For new HyperStream Clubs interested in game design, a “Learning to Program with Alice” book and the Alice software are provided. We will be using Alice 3.1 for the 2013-2014 academic year.

For new HyperStream Clubs interested in cyber defense, instructional DVDs and open source software will be provided. Additionally, if the HyperStream Club has a problem locating a used hub and patch cables, they can request a set by email info@it-adventures.org.

How many teams can one student compete on in IT-Olympics?            Students may learn about all three venues during the year. However, they may only compete in one venue and on one team during the IT-Olympics.

When will we get the details about the challenges in each of the venues for IT-Olympics? The primary challenges will be available after the first of January 2014. However, remember during IT-Olympics there are real-time competition challenges. The details of these challenges are only known at the time the challenge is made.

What about hotel rooms for IT-Olympics?                                                         As we get closer to the IT-Olympics competition we will post a list of hotels that have given us a discount rate. Please note the dates that reservation need to be made at each hotel to take advantage of the quoted rate. You will need to mention IT-Adventures to get the rate.

What kinds of projects work for a community service project? Community service projects can be as simple as holding community education workshops in the high school computer labs on topics such as protecting yourself from phishing emails or viruses to more complex projects such as helping a local non-profit agency with a technology project. The definition of “community service project” has been purposely left open ended so that teams can be as creative as they wish. Community service projects are presented and judged at the IT-Olympics. The community service score contributes to a team’s overall score in the competition.

How many community service projects are needed for IT-Olympics? If a HyperStream Club wants to have teams in each of the IT-Olympics areas, the club can do only one community service project but submit it for each venue.

What if the students have a prom or other school function on Saturday? The students are allowed to leave the competition early on Saturday to attend a prom or other school function. They, of course, will not receive points for the final challenges that they miss participating in.

What happened to the high school cyber defense competition?                 The former high school cyber defense competition that was held in the spring of each year is now part of the IT-Olympics.