Corporate Partnerships

Key to the success of the IT-Adventures program is our partnership with corporations and businesses in Iowa and across the nation. Students need to know that, contrary to popular media belief, there are still good careers to be found here at home in the technology field.

Corporations that agree to be partners in our program help underline the need for technology-trained individuals here at home by demonstrating what careers are available in technology and what those jobs look like. Employees of our partner companies also provide mentoring to HyperStream Clubs at their local high schools. A good mentor who is interested working with youth, excited about their technology job and willing to share their knowledge with students is one of the best technology ambassadors we can ask for. Individuals and corporations who partner with the IT-Adventures program help us debunk the myth that there are no technology jobs in Iowa and no good technology jobs in the U.S.

In addition to visibility throughout the year to the local HyperStream Clubs they mentor, corporate partners can provide high visibility of technology careers during the IT-Olympics. During the two-day event corporate partners are asked to provide and man a vendor booth where they can represent their company, as well as the technology industry in general. With parents, teachers, advisors, college students and high school students actively participating, this is a great way to aid in growing interest and awareness in the technology field. It provides an opportunity for all attendees to talk to our partner businesses to ask further questions about their technology interests and learn more about career options and daily tasks.

In addition to the corporate mentoring partnerships, there are funding opportunities available with IT-Olympics.